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Free SubDomains From GosuBlogger

9 Eylül 2008 Salı - - 7 Comments

Howdy guys! I got good news , i’m giving away free gosublogger sub-domains ,if you’re interested in , please let me know and i will create a sub-domain for you.
Heres the terms of use :

  1. You are not allowed to post adult or casino related content with gosublogger subdomain.
  2. Names which arent updated for a month will be deleted and available for new users.
  3. You are not allowed to use your SPAM blog under gosublogger sub-domain.
How to use :
  1. You can use sub-domains with Blogger .
  2. You can publish your current blog under gosublogger sub-domain.
    Benefits :
  3. It will be easy for you to get high Pagerank since already has backlinks.
  4. Your Alexa rank will be same with .
  5. It will be easy for you to get ad sales and reviews from pay-per-post sites.
Applying Sub-Domain to Blogger :
  1. Go to your Blogger dashboard.
  2. Settings.
  3. Publishing
  4. Click switch to Custom Domain.
  5. Now click to advanced options on the right.
  6. And now type your gosublogger sub-domain as your domain.
  7. Save!
Thats all guys! Anybody want sub-domain?
Example :
Tv shows and gossip girl
Go here

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